Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah is a social Community organization that works together to improve the quality of life in the community, and our world. We accomplish this through others and encourage individual activities related to our motto ” Service above Self .

Promoting Peace

Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah is a volunteer service organization that strives to foster a spirit of understanding and goodwill. We do this by initiating conversations, projects, and events with Rotary International.

Fighting Disease

We educate, equip and enable communities throughout Pakistan to stop the spread of lifethreatening diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS and malaria. We improve and expand access to low-cost health care in developing areas. 

Providing Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

To help improve access to clean water and sanitation, we work with local partners to install water systems and train people on how to maintain them.

Saving Mothers & Children

Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah provides health services to mothers and children in Pakistan. This includes educating mothers on nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, providing immunizations for their children.


Growing Local Economies

Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah is a club of people who are passionate about helping to solve poverty. They do this by providing training and access to well-paying jobs, financial management institutions, and other resources—helping break the cycle of poverty in extremely impoverished communities.

Protecting Environment

The mission of Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah is to eliminate pollution in Pakistan through education and awareness, innovation, And Grants for Developments.

Supporting Education

775+ million people worldwide struggle with illiteracy, comprising 17% of adults. Rotary is committed to empowering communities by promoting education, combating gender inequality, and fostering adult literacy. Together, let’s build a future where every child has access to education and literacy skills flourish for all. Join us in making a lasting impact.

Ending Polio Forever

End Polio is a disease that can cause paralysis. We’re working hard to get rid of it, but we need your help. The End Polio campaign is an effort to raise money globally to provide polio vaccines to children in need. Join our global family and pledge whatever you want. Together, we’ll eradicate the disease and make history


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