Let's rewind to where it all began

Those conventions that set the stage for our fiscal and administrative calendar. Picture this: after the first-ever convention wrapped up on 18 August 1910, the inaugural Rotary fiscal year kicked off the very next day!

Fast forward to 21 August 1911, and the start of another exciting fiscal year coincided with the convention kick-off. But here’s the fun twist: after a bit of financial soul-searching in the following year, it was recommended to wrap up our fiscal year on 30 June. Why? Well, it gave our trusty secretary and treasurer the perfect runway to prep financial statements for the convention and board and figure out how many club delegates would be rocking up.

And voila! 🎉 That’s the magic behind 1 July officially becoming the start of the Rotary Year. 🚀 Cheers to our Rotary journey and the quirks that make us who we are! 🌐

Rtn. Azka Junaid. Club President 2024-2025
Rtn. Muhammad Suleman Anwar. Club Vice President 2024-2025
PP. Rtn. Major Mujib Aftab. Club Secretary 2024-2025
PP. Rtn. Satwat Mahmood Butt. Club Treasurer 2024-2025
Rtn. Zulfiqar Ali Khan. Club Joint Secretary 2024-2025
PP.Rtn. Almas Zehra. Club Seargent At Arms. 2024-2025
PP. Rtn. Sohail Anwar. Chair Club Administration Committee. 2024-2025
PP.Rtn. Dr. Aliya Qureshi. Chair Cub Membership Committee. 2024-2025
Rtn. Khawaja Muhammad Nasir. Chair Club Service Project Committee. 2024-2025
PP. Rtn Saira Zaffar . Chair Club Foundation Committee. 2024-2025
PP.Rtn. Shazia Zaffar. Chair Club Public Image Committee. 2024-2025
PP. Rtn. Kamran Mir. Chair Club Youth Committee. 2024-2025
PP. Rtn. Shahzad Nadeem Chaudary. Chair Club Vocational Committee. 2024-2025
Rtn. Khawaja Muhammad Nasir. President Nominee For 2025-2026

Role Of Board

The club board in a Rotary Club plays a crucial role in the overall functioning and governance of the club. Here are some key responsibilities and roles of a Rotary Club’s board:

  1. Leadership
  2. Club Administration
  3. Financial Over Sight
  4. Club Administration
  5. Program Planning
  6. Membership Development
  7. Public Relations
  8. Rotary Foundation Support
  9. Strategic Planning
  10. Rotary International Connection
  11. Conflict Resolution

Overall, the board of a Rotary Club plays a central role in fostering a vibrant and impactful Rotary community, working collaboratively with its members to make a positive difference in the world.


Club President

The Rotary Club President leads, inspires members, oversees club operations, represents the club, and ensures alignment with Rotary's mission. They preside over meetings, foster fellowship, and drive the club's community impact.