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Our Inspiring Journey

  1. Embracing Tradition. Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah Takes on a New Chapter in 2023-2024

In the ongoing Rotary Year, District 3272 proudly upholds its commitment to the community by overseeing the Special Children’s Center in Begampura, Lahore. Partnering with C4C, this initiative is a beacon of hope for underprivileged special children, challenging societal norms for a brighter tomorrow.

Breaking Chains in Begampura: A Haven for Labor Families Facing Economic Struggles

2. Begampura, Lahore, Pakistan,  chosen for its economic challenges, shelters labor families grappling with basic needs. For families with special children, Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah and C4C step in to provide support, breaking the cycle of despair and offering a permanent home for those often considered burdens in society.

Unveiling the Untold. A Glimpse into the Lives of Special Children in Pakistan

3. Against the Societal backdrop that deems them shameful, special children face unimaginable challenges, including abandonment and exploitation. Rotary’s mission is to shed light on these struggles, breaking the silence and offering a helping hand to those who need it most.

Nurturing Nature's Creations: Every Child's Journey at Begampura's Special Children's Center

4. Begampura’s Special Children’s Center is more than just a facility; it’s a haven for 28 students. With dedicated staff, including teachers, a maid, and a psychiatrist, the center focuses on holistic development through self-management, academics, computer skills, and vocational training in arts and crafts.

Beyond the Center's Walls: A Success Story of Transition and Empowerment

5. Success stories extend beyond the center, with improved students transitioning to regular schools or securing jobs aligned with their skills. This positive ripple effect showcases the transformative power of education and support in shaping the future of these special children.

Your Support, Their Future. Join Us in Making a Lasting Impact

6. The center, sustained by C4C and Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah, provides free education, uniforms, and supplies. However, ongoing support is vital. Your contribution, whether in cash or essential items, ensures a brighter future for these special children who are our collective responsibility. Join us in making a difference and offering hope where it’s needed the most.

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Capturing Moments

A Glimpse into the Heartwarming Activities at Our Special Children’s Centre

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