Revolutionizing Greenery. Unveiling the Tree Plantation Spectacle at
Barki Hadyara. TCF School 08.10.2023

On the crisp morning of October 8, 2023, the courtyard of TCF School in Barki Hadyara echoed with the rustle of leaves and the promise of a greener tomorrow. In a heartfelt tribute to the late PP Javed Iqbal Mirza, a beloved figure of our club, Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah and the cherished ones of Javed gathered to sow the seeds of hope in the form of a newly planted tree.

 It was a collaborative effort, an initiative driven by the unwavering commitment of Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah to nurture the environment and foster a stronger sense of community. Undeterred by the toils of the task, the members of the club have dedicated this Rotary year to the noble cause of widespread tree plantation across various corners of Lahore.

 The event at TCF School Barki Hadyara served as a poignant reminder of their ongoing mission. Alongside the family and friends of PP Javed Iqbal Mirza, the tree found its roots with the active participation of esteemed club members. Amongst them were RTN Mazhar Naeem Shamim, leading as the Club President for the year 2023-2024, and Khawaja Muhammad Nasir, diligently serving as the Club Secretary for the same term. Contributions from the likes of PP Satwat Mehmood Butt, the Club Treasurer for 2023-2024, PP Dr. Aliya Qureshi, spearheading the Club Membership Committee, and PP Shazia Zaffar, at the helm of the Club Public Image Committee, further solidified the event’s success and impact.

As the sapling took its place in the earth, the shared vision of a healthier, more vibrant community seemed to take root as well. With each shovel of soil, the legacy of PP Javed Iqbal Mirza was immortalized in the greenery that would bloom and flourish in the days to come. This small act of planting a tree marked a significant step in the club’s larger journey towards a more sustainable and interconnected future.


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