Empowering Change. Immersed in Polio Orientation & Planning Workshop

Once upon a time, on a warm summer day of August 16, 2023, a gathering of dedicated minds took place within the elegant halls of the PC Hotel in Lahore. The purpose of this gathering was a significant one – a Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop. This event was a collaborative effort orchestrated by the District Governor of Rotary 3272 and the Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee.

The workshop was like a magnet that drew in Presidents, Secretaries, and Chairpersons from various Rotary Clubs across Lahore, all of them passionately engaged in the fight against polio. This assembly of champions had a clear mission: to enhance their understanding and strategies in tackling the daunting challenge of polio eradication.

At the forefront of this enlightening day stood Mr. Aziz Memon, a distinguished figure as a Trustee of Rotary International. He took the role of the speaker, guiding the attendees through a journey of knowledge and insight.

The workshop was graced by the presence of remarkable individuals who brought their expertise to the table. Abdi Nasir Adam, a representative from the World Health Organization (WHO), along with Abdul Rauf Ruhila, the Chief Zonal Coordinator of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), PDG Saeed Shamsi, a representative from the EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization) of the Government of Punjab, and a representative from UNICEF Pakistan, all joined hands to share their wisdom on various aspects of polio.

The topics covered were wide-ranging and comprehensive. The history of polio, its types, transmission methods, the crucial role of immunization, routine vaccination practices, and the ever-persistent challenges including vaccine refusal were all thoroughly discussed. The workshop went deep into the heart of what polio truly is, how one can support the polio eradication team, ways to identify children who might have missed their vaccines, the significance of social mobilization and community engagement, and the pivotal role that Rotarians play in this mission.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to the intricacies of polio in Pakistan, where the attendees dissected the issues surrounding vaccination efforts in great detail.

Among the enthusiastic participants was the Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah, representing District 3272. They embraced the workshop with fervor and commitment, outlining their plans for the upcoming year – 2023 to 2024. Their goal was crystal clear: to be at the forefront of the polio eradication campaign, leaving no stone unturned to make their community polio-free.

And so, on that day, hearts were ignited, minds were enriched, and a shared determination was nurtured within the walls of PC Hotel. The Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop of 2023 became a chapter in the collective story of Lahore’s fight against polio, a story of unity, resilience, and an unwavering resolve to make polio a thing of the past.

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