Rotarians Unite: Promoting Peace at Sacred Sites in Pakistan and India

By: Rtn Khawaja Muhammad Nasir, District 3272, Club Secretary, Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah. Pakistan

Bridging Nations, Igniting Peace: Rotarians Unite at Sacred Site, Strengthening Bonds between Pakistan and India”

In a momentous gathering, I had the honor of participating in a truly inspiring meeting that brought together Rotary members from Pakistan and India. This extraordinary event, held on 4th March 2023, witnessed over 100 dedicated Rotarians, along with their friends and family, from both nations congregating at a sacred site in Pakistan.

The essence of this goodwill meeting was to transcend the longstanding barriers of animosity and forge a path towards peace and understanding. Through the spirit of Rotary fellowship, we aimed to dismantle the historical walls that have hindered harmonious relations between our two countries.



Journey to Unity: Kartarpur Sahib – A Sacred Site for Sikhs in Pakistan. Despite strict regulations, we got permissions to experience its beauty and spirituality, bridging borders and honoring Guru Nanak Dev’s legacy.

Bonds Formed, Memories Captured: Warm Reunions, Exchanges, and Gifting at our Rotary Gathering

Within the welcoming reception area, the air was filled with warmth as old friends embraced and new acquaintances extended handshakes, forging connections that would last.

The area buzzed with excitement as cameras clicked, freezing these cherished moments in time. Rotary members exchanged club banners, proudly displaying the diverse array of communities they represent, while sharing Rotary pins as tokens of friendship.

Heartfelt gestures continued as participants exchanged boxes of treats, symbolizing the sweet bonds formed during this memorable gathering.


An Inspiring Collaboration: Past Governors Madhukar Malhotra and Shezad Ahmed Spearhead Rotary Clubs’ Meeting between Chandigarh and Lahore Garrison

The visionary concept took root with the esteemed past governors, Madhukar Malhotra from District 3080 (India) and Shezad Ahmed from District 3272 (Pakistan), who also serve as directors of the Indus Peace Park Society. Initially, they proposed a meeting between the Rotary Clubs of Chandigarh and Lahore Garrison, but their ambition led them to broaden the scope by including additional clubs from the two districts. This expansion laid the foundation for an extraordinary collaboration.

Fostering Twin Club Relationships: Pakistan and India Rotary Clubs Unite for Memorable Connections

In preparation for the trip, the Rotary Clubs of Pakistan and India dedicated themselves to establishing twin club relationships, enabling members from paired clubs to meet and connect.

With the valuable assistance of PP Rtn Satwat Butt from Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah, our collective efforts came to fruition.

In February 2023, a significant milestone was reached as nine clubs from Pakistan, including Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi, formed twin club relationships with clubs in Chandigarh, Mohali, Shimla, and Parwanoo, India. These newfound connections set the stage for unforgettable bonds to be forged between our Rotary communities.

Uniting Rotary Leaders: 9 Clubs Join Forces at the Event, Paving the Way for Collaborative Opportunities

On the eventful day, representatives from 9 diverse clubs, encompassing current, past, and future district leaders and club presidents, came together with great enthusiasm.

Though our district governor, Adnan Saboor Rohaila, could not attend because of prior training commitments, his support and encouragement were unwavering.

The occasion saw the signing of twin club certificates and the exchange of memorandums of understanding, solidifying the commitment to cooperation. Deliberations revolved around future prospects, aiming to build upon the goodwill meeting and foster collaboration for upcoming service projects.

This gathering of Rotary leaders set the stage for a promising future of joint endeavors.

Bittersweet Farewells: Embracing Fulfillment and Future Connections

As the moment to bid farewell arrived, a mix of emotions permeated the air. There was a deep sense of fulfillment for embarking on this remarkable journey, intertwined with a tinge of sadness at having to part ways. However, the spirit of camaraderie prevailed, and we extended heartfelt invitations to reunite in the future.

Since our return, the bonds forged between Rotary clubs in Pakistan and India have continued to flourish. Through the power of technology, Rotary Club Lahore Jinnah Pakistan have held joint meetings over Zoom with their twin sister club Rotary Club Chandigarh Shivalik India , fostering ongoing connections and strengthening the ties that were first woven during our memorable gathering.

The Rotary Club of Chandigarh has also committed itself to a noble cause. Collaborating with clubs in Pakistan, they have pledged to facilitate the journey of children with congenital heart disease to India, providing them with free heart surgeries. This compassionate initiative showcases the transformative impact that can be achieved when Rotary clubs come together in service.

As we reflect on the journey we undertook, the seeds of friendship, understanding, and cooperation that were planted continue to bear fruit. The future holds the promise of even greater collaboration and shared endeavors, as we work towards creating a better world, one meaningful connection at a time.

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